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algix, solutions for injection molded parts,

variety of species of algae to produce novel bioplastic materials with a range of material properties. about us overview of company and market success. market research, particularly in the area of bio-packaging , see more products made from bioplastics on the market. during the kassel

totally ceramics, one of bc's leading suppliers of pottery and ceramic

designed for decorating ceramic clay and other modeling materials such as polymer clay, etc. soft leathers, cookie dough… all rélyéf decorative ceramic clay tools are made from bioplastic, which is based on maize starch. at the end of their life cycle they can be composted, which

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read more uk government to invest heavily into bioplastic and biopackaging july 22, 2019 meghan sapp in the uk, new forms of packaging and plastic made from plants, wood chippings and food waste could

loopy lupine – compostable hot cups – made in alaska

fiber – also known as bagasse, is an ideal material manufacturing to-go clamshells, plates, bowls, trays and many other disposable foodservice items. learn more pla plastic polylactic acid pla is a clear bioplastic produced from corn instead of petrochemicals. it is biodegradable, compostable and renewable. learn

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by increasing population, awareness regarding the adverse effects of inorganic materials, read full press release biocomposites market growth scenario