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the wheel and provides a total linear feet measurement. knowing the exact linear feet you have to treat is critical. only when you know this total can you be sure that the right amount of termiticide will be applied to the soil. without this basic information, its not possible to know just how much concentrate will be needed for the job at hand. termite treating hollow block to treat hollow block commonly used on

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girth 2 x length / 800 = weight. we will take measurements 2 and 3 times to confirm the lengths. for me the measuring takes some of the doubt out of my visual

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of loads received varies a lot from user to user. it’s an unreliable and misleading means of measurement. just consider for a moment how many variables there are when washing your laundry: variables. many folks are just beginning to learn how to use them correctly. at best we can only calculate rough estimates based upon weight. using “loads” as a yardstick for measurement began with the first now defunct big retailer

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