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and float-marker doryman double bottom double diagonal planking double headsail rig double up douglas-fir down haul downhaul downwind dowse draft drag dragging dragging of anchor dredge spoils dredging of anchor dressing ship drift drifting drive systems drop back to dry scc striation striking a submerged object sso strip planking strongback stud-link anchor chain styrene subrogation subs carrying passengers cert. guides nvic 5-93 substitute wax surge survey swab swallow swamp sweat damage swell swing ship swinging over t t - draft table of offsets

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that like to go fast. fiberglass over strip planking, shes a light air rocket that can also a forespar whisker poletiller clutch system to lock down the rudder for hands free steering for overnight or weekend. this stout, sea-kindly small ship is in great shape and will take you headroom. perfect for the icw, florida, bahamas sister ship just returned fromthe winter in the bahamas.