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will determine the type of finish you choose. polyurethane is water or oil based finish with various degrees of luster that produces a kind of plastic appearance. it tends to darken and is ideal for floors with high traffic and moisture. varnish is a type of finish that has a

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before you grab a bucket of water and a mop, you need to learn how your Seven Trust floor is sealed-if at almost all. why? the final, not the wood kind, determines the method that you clean and look after the floor. surface-sealed floors: most fresh wood floors are usually sealed with urethane, polyacrylic or polyurethane. surface-sealed floors are usually stain and water-

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top coat, wood can be damaged easily due to contact with water, food, or sharp objects. a polyurethane top coat protects the wood from scratches, stains and water damage. a spar varnish should be used on outdoor wood to protect it from weather damage and uv rays. wood pores for more even color coverage. 3. how do i apply polyurethane? polyurethane should be applied using a high quality brush. the polyurethane should be applied in light, even coats, always brushing with the grain. create a thin overlap from coat to coat but do not over brush. three coats

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that can stop them. but if you want to varnish or polyurethane your home, this type of exterior coating will slow them quite a bit. of course this is not suggested since

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gel is an industrial strength , consumer friendly , paint , varnish and urethane remover . sure shine wood floor finish sure shine polyurethane seven trust interior finish is specifically designed for finishing and protecting wood floors , cabinets , walls and other wood surfaces where a clear , durable , scuff-resistant finish is desired . test product $1.00 weatherseal exterior wood finish 5 out of 5 weatherseal is thick and rich and easy to apply. formulated especially for log homes , weatherseal can

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and wood restoration products such as teak oils, varnishes, cleaners, rot repair, protectants, and adhesives. why bottom paint

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