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a lot. our personal experience isthis: this fencing setup, utilizing 2"x4" mesh wire in 4' or 5'heights will restrain adult chickens. if you want to put young chicks, soonafter leaving the brooder - and when they are smaller than the 2" width,no. they can just stroll right through. and: when they are in their gawky "teenage" stage, as we like toput it, they are challenged by any enclosure, and will do everything in their

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season our friend nikki came to visit. the goats liked her. mentioned in my last blog post, we have unveiled our new barnraiser campn we’re raising $4,000 to help pay for a portable turkey

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shelter needs a new owner. we’re selling fencing, lumber, masonry items, border rocks, vintage landscaping ornaments, plumbing, tools, farm equipment, and furniture. our clothesline, the 4,000 gallon water tank, milking stanchions, lawn furniture, and rabbit hutches are all for sale, and though we’ve sold lots of things, there is much left. the chicken coop and barn, looking sad and lonely with no chickens or goats left. it feels strange to have no farm


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filed under: buyer's agent pages 98 : 1 2 3 4 last entries rss comments rss chuck e. marunde, j.d. founder and broker of sequim and port angeles real estatedba irealty virtual brokers 435 w. bell st. suite a, sequim, wa 360 775-5424 chuckmarunde gmail.com who is chuck marunde? chuck marunde is the 1 sequim buyer's agent, having sold more homes by volume to buyers than any other agent or

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very good gift that pain will give you. 4 comments posted in parenting kids w/ special needs , perspective on life celebrate may 2nd, 2013 by jill 05.02.13 families have traditions. big