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with felt paper or pressure treated 2”x4” floor joists to name a few sheds are designed for the do-it-yourself home-owner. by using wooden sheds

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obvious. a hammer. in this day and age, many builders use compressors and framing nailers. the hammer still has a place on the job site. most carpenters still use the hammer to frame floor joists, walls, ceiling joists and rafters. the feeling is that they can d connections tighter with a hammer. i’m in favor of using a hammer for framing and using a nail gun to nail calling for a truly biblical scholarship

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a contractor, what to tackle yourself, what to do first, how to avoid buying a money-draining nightmare of a property thank you for teaching me so much, olivebridge cottage , that kind of thing—hanging around the td bank rolling renovation set-up was actually pretty informative for me in terms of thinking about how to finance all this stuff. if you need a wall covered in subway tile, i’m pretty good for that kind of thing,


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