peel stick roofing material on boat floor


roll by extens. from the end of a stick on which the ms. was rolled :— volume. 2778. kflvo- the base of 3382; timber ab fuel or material ; by impl. a stick, club or tree or other wooden article or a dispensary or magazine, i.e. a chamber on the ground-floor or interior of an oriental house gen. used a tumult:— rage. 5434. ppvyavov phruganttn, froo'-gan-on; neut. of a presumed der. of cppuy" pbrngo to roast or parch; akin to the base of 3303 ; something desic ed, i.e. a dry twig:— stick. 5435. <ppvy a pbrngla, froog-ee'-ah; prob.

flux 0 wall patching compounds and plaster 0 building materials 0 countertops 0 doors 0 drywall 0 flooring and carpet 0 glass 0 handrails and railing systems 0 hatches 0 insulation 0 lumber and sheet stock 0 molding 0 rebar and remesh 0 roofing 0 shutters 0 siding 0 sound dampening panels and

ems-유용한국제특송정보-주요물품 영문표기

상자 a box of tangerines. - 밀감껍질 an orange peel. - 밀감 화채 tangerine punch. 모과 木瓜 『植』 the fruit of a chinese quince. 모기장 -帳 a mosquito net curtain / tent / <美> bar ; mosquito netting. 모기향 -香 a mosquito-repellent incense ; a mosquito coil stick . 모니터 a monitor. 모래 sand; grit 굵은 . 모래 섬유 기계 textile machinery. ▷ 섬유상 물질 a fibrous material. ▷ 섬유 석고 stain gypsum. ▷ 섬유속 -束 『解』 a fascicle; fascicular fibers. ▷ 섬유 유리 fiber fibrous / spun glass. ▷ 섬유 / a book of matches. ? 성냥 한 갑 a box pack et of matches. ▷ 성냥갑 a matchbox. ▷ 성냥개비 a match stick . 소독 消毒 disinfection; 끓이기 등에 의한 sterilization; 우유