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expressive family home he paid $259,000 and put in about $400,000. now he has a no really, you have to look at these photos house of the day

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the pastures are just waiting for some horses to graze in the summer sun. the house itself has a newer wing, new windows, new boiler, old hand hewn beams, 2 wood stoves, 2 country kitchens and a pellet stove. separate post and beam barn for animals, well established perennial

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to fix it. 2 of the companies wanted to put in sump pump systems at a cost of over $5000, and they would only guarantee attention they gave me. thanks, helitech. jason m. wood river, and put me through a nightmare situation. in the meantime, i was trying to sell another

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up. the floor will be the last to put in place and i’m soooo not looking forward to it… thanks as always for stopping by click to share this post: share on tumblr tweet email like this: like loading posted in decorations , design , diy , home improvement , interior design , louisville kentucky 4 comments tags: bathroom remodel , bathroom renovation , bead board , benjamin moore decorators white , black and white bathroom , shiplap , wood planked bathroom walls the princess suite bathroom renovation


and also the dimension of bust you wish to have. posted in posts tags: breast lift without surgery , breast reduction surgery cost , saline implants no comments easy basketball drills to

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com dingmans ferry house this charming, cozy, clean post and beam chalet lo ed in a gated community is just ten minutes from dingmans ferry bridge, two hours from nyc and philadelphia pa. this home has 3 bedrooms on the upper level. on the ground floor step into an airy cozy living room with a wood burning fireplace and relax with a book or listen to some music. from the dining room step into

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a city is great… but sometimes… read the post how to stay alive in the woods march 16 / don't kill the messinger / style puddle-stompin season like a fresh… read the post put spring in your step with these boots / gear just try to tame this jaguar fender american vintage jaguar the

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forward erection system of nailing rafters to the posts and setting purlins on the rafters. . let's build a pole barn shows you how to frame a unit and how to put on metal sheathing. along the way, i've tried to give you the suggestions, secrets, and shortcuts that i've learned from 28 years with hammers, chain saws, and screw guns in my hands. the units are totally wood framed and each is built essentially the same

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only a penny or two per kwh comparable to their fuel costs in a coal or gas plant for power put onto the grid. or we may see power bills changed to have a large, fixed monthly fee for access

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for several months before using so he had to plan ahead. he built his own six foot ladder, and put the big beams in the ground before the house raising. it was a grand social event, and the house quickly took shape. it is very similar to the tiny one, with a loft for the s comments 6 turkey in the hole posted in outdoor survival , traditional skills november 11th, 2013 wildflowers from the woods perched between our two big berkey water filters along with our daughter's teapot from kazakhstan i was privileged to write a guest post for the shady porch about baking a turkey

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george chakiris and rita moreno as standouts. natalie wood was put in the unfortunate position of being an anglo playing a latina and disliking costar richard beymer, the man she was supposed to be passionately in love with, but her professionalism

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we are saying here, then you will have to put the work in and read these posts and watch the videos provided below. living remedy disappeared again. as we said in the original post of this thread, you need to take full responsibility for seeking truth. you need to put the effort in because we do not have the waking life

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me separately? i have obviously provided my email to put this post up…..thanks again dawn says: june 20th, 2012 at 8:52 am hi jeff what a great service you are providing my house was built in 1982 and i purchased it in 1992. it

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mom of a young boy, naturally made me beam. it also precipitated my next question in the form of a post as to whether i should hint at the chocolate. now, was on again and history was repeating itself. in my last post, ode to guilt and shame: the stigma of solo , i emphasized that too many of us who are alone, feel absurdly bleak and covert about our loneliness―we’re all secretive and tight-lipped because of the stigma society puts on single people. if you’re alone, you’

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some of the home's features include a wood cook stove in kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and wraparound porch. an attached 3-story post and beam barn has horse stalls. nice road and riding

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final year as isc chairman: a footstool ‘time to put your feet up’ , made from wood taken from the washbacks at highland park and covered in the aforementioned glenrothes tartan. richard paterson took to the mike to lead the room in a

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the panhandle of northern idaho, our mission is to assist you in turning your dreams frame, post and beam and hybrid homes we offer highly competitive pricing

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those who sit on the fence as dead wood. as he puts it, “people who set out to live/ to make life worthwhile living/ in a world worn down by wars/ but are

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job and serve your clients. yet, in this post we will put all various other means making cash online apart as well as concentrate on one manner in which is thought to be as of now the very best means

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purchase a big and beautiful log cabin deep in the woods. today’s post perfectly illustrate the “crib” that would fit all needs from space to luxury… check it out… read more 19 may 2015 may 19, 2015 woman quits job to build sustainable bamboo homes in bali 0 comment elora hardy left a successful


mountain modern i finally had a few minutes to sort my actual construction expenses and put them in some reasonable egories. this is a brief summary of the construction costs. first, the basic parameters of the house: 4348

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best thing about them is they don’t cost anything if they’re already there. if you’re lucky enough to have wooden floors consider priming them instead of investing in a carpet. fire places, beams, exposed brick chimney breasts and ceiling roses are new hallway decorating ideas , hallway decorating ideas , recent post aeron chair by herman miller alno kitchens – one of fantastic kitchen idea for your for a fireplace simple bathroom storage ideas gourgeous laundry room decor that makes you want to do laundry coral bedroom ideas futuristic penthouse tops

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fire, she returned to each site to collect post-treatment soil samples and heat sensors. “it's a challenge to put sensors in a fire this hot. most heat sensors are

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impact so far: saving 220 million pounds of wood and 145 million pounds of cardboard, the equivalent of 2.7 billion trees. it also adds up to $1 billion in cost savings for the company and that's no fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost and repairs. "the vincentric best cpo value in america awards recognizes the efforts manufacturers have put into quality improvements," says david wurster, president of vincentric. "these improvements, supported by strong cpo warranties, provide value to buyers of certified pre-owned vehicles. when a

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to museums, private collectors and even some trading posts. for most navajo people, this is their only form of income and helps put food on the table and pay most of the bills. a wave of anglo weavers have recently taken interest in learning how to weave rugs. many are willing to travel many

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only $17 look, 17 bucks is about the cost of a movie ticket and a big bucket of popcorn in my neck of the woods it's really nothing to pay for the knowledge and a proven system it will still work with the ever-raising costs of filling your tank full of gas, there's no shame in cutting every corner to save a buck. all a person needs is the know-how, the tips and tricks, the truth and not the old rumors of how to make that tank last until next payday i've written it all down for you and put it in a report i like to call

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getting my information. i'm a little embarrassed to say that i spent time engaging in the judy wood free energy or buck rogers space gun as you have hilariously put it and the "russian intelligence" nuclear demolition theories.

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john finnerty, our director of project development, chimes in with a blog post about monday's ri… tweeted 08:13 am apr. 24, 2018 we're proud to have been there to "put dc on the global climate stage." earthweekdc outdone by mass. "solar storage helps avoid ca post-net metering program costs"… tweeted 05:08 pm feb. 6, 2017 go mass. "massachusetts we've said this before, and we'll say it again. love community solar . "report: community solar to soar in 2017"… tweeted 11:12

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punch. a quick google search showed that it costs too many american dollars to put six winter-weary butts on a plane headed west in the month of march. regular mom’s parents

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burdens of their ignorance. if you would like to see the costs of misandry accumulate onto the pedestalizers/ ie-men who sustain it, put in a few hours into 'urls urinals'. assume that can fancy themselves as intelligent without having to put in the effort previously required to become intelligent, simply by believing a set of agreed-upon dogma. the cost-benefit analysis of this approach is attractive, but

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to store for easy lighting. if you choose to get a wood burning stove, make bad for cast iron. in this post, instead of focusing on large gardens with big

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trim. paint the crown molding the same color in the whole house. it will create a unifi ion of your home. there are exceptions to this however. for example, if you have one unique room that has exposed stained wood beams, you might want the molding to match the beams. 0 comments thick, wide crown molding and trim for the price of narrow if you’ve ever compared thicknesses of crown molding, you’ll notice a significent difference in price. thin crown molding is dramatically less expensive

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to reel very fast and eddy has to put the boat in fast reverse. i hope to finally learn how to edit my videos on my camera so i can post new videos this year. grabbing the leader : if

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four pylon screws and then when you put this in - the alignment is the same. cost is $3,999.00, which bills typically at up to $9,760.52, to insurance carriers for the four pylon screws and then when you put this in - the alignment is the same. brand new with two 2 year warranty that often we can bill to insurance carriers or assist you in getting a successful reimbursement claim done for that will fit your frame. cost is $3,799.00, which bills typically at

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of you are waiting for my last blog post in the art festival plan finding this one is harder to put into words, some of it is trickier and

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tedx talk my brian williams nbc interview recent posts nevada stem underwater and aerial vehicle computer science institute cantilever spans supplies / cost new stem lessons / activities wiki nasa pathway to space – drone edition flying in circles archives archives select month july 2016 march

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the story in a follow-up post, and put the link here. it’s a story worthy of its own blog post. 1:15pm – tom boyer, the government affairs and most knowledgeable person in the nation person for novo nordisk. he is here to talk about government policy diabetes = diabetes policy in get marooned

sense. they’re cheap but large, so the cost to ship them alone is probably close to what you buy them at costco for. i’m willing to put up with the fact that amazon, despite having some of the best programmers in the world, can’t do a simple price

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available today water powered car reduce your fuel costs and easily not new as seen here in a publi ion dated 1905. new york refuse 1899

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the ceiling was high. the floors were bare wood and shined to a crisp glow. the furniture showed signs of moth damage, but everything was free of dust and in pretty good shape. the windows were tall and polished. “you can put pretty curtains on the windows and rugs on why i always buy my lunch? my mom puts wheat germ and alfalfa sprouts on everything she makes her own yoghurt and is always trying new recipes using tofu. i think she would love to learn about the things that grow wild in the woods i bet your mom and mine could be

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of multiple stakeholders. the project can be built in houston to save costs. we intend to use proven construction materials and methods from the transit infrastructure industry such as galvanized steel tubing, road sign fabri ion techniques, grade beams for anchorage, and a rock bed surround to beams with quality. menu skip to content home register here subscribe terms of use sidebar search for: recent posts new seo tricks to apply in your campn for improved roi this 2016 june 26, 2016 printed circuit board and how to create its

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or better power; below-average speed at look in beginning of spring, but run 2015 season, knocked his arm to average at best; reminds me of the wildy

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wrong it was stupid dangerous and no where to put any diggings once in there but could see glass in there through floor. less than 2 ft between floor beams one dead center over hole with 2 thick manhood taught school in his native town, according to the willimantic journal 's 1894 souvenir edition owned by the late john j. supina of ashford, connecticut. in 1856, e.a. buck began business with a saw mill, developed a large trade in plow beams and handles, car timbers and other wood goods. he also operated several waterpower saw mills


sandwich method” where they’ll take the foil, put it up on the metal and then take a strip of plywood and screw it in to the metal supports and basically squeeze the foil between the wood strip and the metal. we’ve even had

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pinterest reddit twitter like this: like loading posted in j.ferris: reposts with notes , j.ferris: top posts 1 comment the unlimited liability of jesus’ home posted on may 4, 2016 by where the “cost” of following jesus is concerned, you may remember he once said to a young man who wanted to follow him, “

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the general reader these essays were originally publishedin the saturday evening post , giving his reasons for choosing each title."the first thing i have asked of a book before i put it on my list was that it shouldbe readable; for i want you to read these books and who could have made

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by scotch hobbyist introduction i don’t usually post press releases, and this “news” has been out there for a couple of weeks, but i’m about to review this whisky, so i thought i’d put this info up for easy reference… press release 9 may 2012 glenfarclas launches limited edition single malt – the oldest whisky in its history the glenfarclas distillery has launched a

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is all kentucky, and the okmmevents will put this kentucky soul in the spotlight. join us media contact : email this blogthis share to twitter share to

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it can help a small organization. lower overhead costs will mean that you have more funds to put towards your company’s growth, and access to people with a variety of skill sets can benefit you in many ways. if you run a small company, today, and can be done with very low costs, and in a much shorter time than was once possible. wood shutters, for instance, were once made with a costly and time consuming process which called for a great deal of wood to be used for each window covering. today, wooden

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comforting and cozy and make us feel special to be in the know. but for practicality sake, sometimes bigger is better; at least it improves our chances of getting a table. dine review continued click on picture above post and beam california cuisine with a touch of soul california

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through. i’m usually able to scan headlines in under two seconds apiece it’s actually closer to half a second per headline for digg , and digg posts around 140 stories each day, so subscribing to the digg feed costs me about five minutes a day to find

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site. all of our products feature sturdy made in the usa rib" roof decking. we can work with you to design an affordable, easy to install kit. our

i would say that i was happy with beam’s eight star whiskey that night, and would definitely drink it again without question. posted in liquor reviews , whiskey leave a reply post navigation older posts categories how to 8 liquor reviews 221 absinthe 1 baijiu 1 - amazing facts

air conditioning was invented, white cotton slipcovers were put on furniture to cents to make a $1 bill in the united states colgate faced a big obstacle

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as i age and concern myself with the cost of things. i had some left over 4 x 8 trellises i had to remove when my new neighbor put up a fence between our yards. before then my trellis fence bordered my veggie garden letting in the light. i decided my funky pig wire

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typical process of repair includes replacing any rotted wood ensuring the floor is structurally sound and verifying footings are in good condition. jacks are positioned in the appropriate areas. the girder beams are shimmed to achieve the best possible result for the homeowner.

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energy. this higher energy level allows x-ray beams to pass strht through most of the soft material in the human body. the computer takes all this information and puts together a 3-d image of the body.

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club-dusty-battle-tickets-38289228112 the green bottled in bond tax strip on the beam grecian decanter showing the year and coopered tot v.s. the well at beastmaster fyi - this post was updated with the actual selections that will

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time due to chemical incompatibility. i’ll continue to monitor my sample and post updates if anything changes. have you made use of non-construction materials in your finishes? if so let me know turmeric wood stain reuse reuse desk 02/24/2014 jesse leave a comment this is how my office looked before. i combined the table and small chest of ders that i was using for a desk with some plywood 2x4s and paint i had in the the garage to make this. i also use the room for recording music sometimes so i put the desk on castors so the room configuration

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of cheshire star tanya bardsley flaunts her incredible post baby body in tight dress just two weeks after giving disgraced beauty queen zara holland puts on a leggy display in tiny hotpants as — game design

though, i think you're a bit lost in the woods on how the competitive mode should work. that's understandable because it's a compli ed problem that's nearly unsolvable given your constraints. while this post by kaplan is excellent about sharing thoughts from the dev perspective, i'm concerned about the specific thoughts laid out there. ds "right now we’re exploring ways to allow for matches that would otherwise result in

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insect resistant, eco friendly, aluminum window frames, i-beam construction, as we have lots of lots to build upon. the surprising thing is that many

thinking critically we subscribe to no dogmas, respect no sacred cows, accept nothing on faith, and believe

of this situation, is more than close enough to put this scenario into the realm of possibility. for those interested in following more opinions on this subject, i have also posted this question in another forum at the jref and rodibidably . for those interested, i’d highly recommend checking out the jref post for a very good discussion on this subject

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like the added space to store stuff like wood, boxes, etc., up there. the post and decking vid remove kitchen soffit i want

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maybe have her be a double amputee due to a botched suicide attempt that puts her in a psychiatric center. give her a diagnosed borderline … gimbling in the wabe – what i want for mother’s day posted on 6 may, 2016 gimbling in the wabe this sunday is mother’s day, so here is the post i wrote a few years ago to share

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in home 5piecediningset .prices tv table minimalist, low-cost, durable, and quality can be one of the references of interest to you who are looking for a tv table for living room. tv table is one of the necessary furniture in the living room or family room to put the tv. it is true that without the

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from the den and suspended from a wooden beam for display while the town held a “wolf jubilee” to celebrate putnam’s accomplishment. the woods where the incident took place are preserved as “wolf den”park, where marked trails lead one to the lair and the brass plaque commemorating the event. for most of the english who came to settle in north america, the weather was more extreme than

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efficient vs. energy consuming, higher utility and maintenance costs *best factory posts and trusses *aesthetically attractive vs. industrial ugly appearance *

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we found a bunch of feathers outten the woods behind the house. last time one of our hens was killed in view of the others, couple years ago by a dog from down the hollow, the rest all but stopped laying for quite a while. but in the last few days production has recovered to where we'll put the sign back up out by the road.

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are gasoline/electric and human/electric hybrids. our wood-stove is a and post-and-beam building techniques. our sauna is sometimes used as

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keyboard arrow down 17 independence day trump defends cost of independence day event, says it will be 'very little compared to what it is worth' washington post 4d ago 100k searches washington post keyboard arrow down 18 nba summer league how to watch former tennessee vols in nba summer league knoxville news sentinel 5d ago

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each domain sold in the month of november to the eff. and nobody puts gandi in the and maybe also post on our news feed . this month, simple hosting

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repeater to extend distance or just talk radio to radio . distance can be increased 3 ways the amount of power put out the hight of the antenna or the quality of the antenna i.e using a yagi beam antenna rather then a diapole . every year at the end of june i run my hf radio out in the field from a 12 volt deep cycle

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brushed on one coat of uv poly and put it in the chamber for 644 hours at 50 c the heat accelerates the exposure . attached is a picture of the results. the masonite cracked a bit and separated due to a bit of wetness in the wood unrelated to the resin . the epoxy ambered dramatically

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spinning around and there is a light being put on me. i had a pain in one part of my body and theyare working on that. they are spinning me around on this disc and shooting a light beam on me ifeel sluggish today and not as clear as before, so they are trying to help me. i say 'they.' i feelthere

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cutters to create is that a person needs to wait at least a day before grouting the slate tile. in a room with a posts significance of values and ethics in business. lunchbox/

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the torch with a 37mm u-340 filter to eliminate the little amount of visible light it does put out - the same filter can and should be placed inside the 303. the mte 301 produces a bright hotspot in the middle of the beam, however the 303 produces a larger gradual hotspot.

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non-structural mitigation techniques, drills, immediate response exercises, for download at no cost from our server. those with hyperlinks underlined in

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management told me a lot. more… view older posts log in categories catherine daily musings events food and health geopolitical glossary how to latest articles life money and markets mortgage markets news and commentary podcast precious metals science and technology solari invention room the solari report top picks wildcards links ► calculate cost of living calculator: compare prices of two cities