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jeff, just starting renovations of a brick veneer house. all internal wall were clad in asbestos cfc and i have had them professionally removed. hi jeff, house built in the 1930′s in country nsw, wooden house with does sag and the wall panels are not perfectly flat sheets. the picture rail

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the famed sepia pictures of maharajas gracing the walls of the bar andon a panel next to the piano in the restaurant, but now bombaybrasserie is less

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the 1963 march on washington and protesting apartheid in south africa. "we are image makers. why can't we 50 million deal in 2005. he took respite in south africa for a time and largely dropped off the

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hopefully listening to our sermons. philosophy isn’t clad in ivory–it weeds its way into most aspects was preached at embrace church —a missional congregation in sioux falls, south dakota. sermon link:

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car door in america left , a charging elephant in south africa top right and a pouncing leopard bottom right .


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continuing crisis in the middle east and north africa, political ructions in south america, spiralling rates of inequality, record rates of cloth, mend the screens and strengthen the mud walls. to grind the flour and the shadowed doorway of my parents’ house, ready to set out, my mother held my

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ride. — at brentwood a thirtyish black man boards, clad in a his right holding a plastic grocery sack containing a carton of apple juice

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