tectonite rail wood door

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a unique combination of diatomaceous earth, fiberglass, recycled wood fiber, of components including stiles and rails, blocking, banded mineral door core

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flush door components including tectonite blocking can either be cut and stile and rail door components are available in a variety of wood species and can

warm springs door cores falcon panel products

falcon panel products is a leading uk wood based panel products importer, tectonite fd60/90/ 20 components. warm springs offers 60, 90 and 20 minute fire-rated seven trust mineral door cores, all of tectonite frame/rail, 5 , 3050, 0 .

warm springs composite products certified door components - aws

door components are stacked on solid wood pallets to enable maximum height although the tectonite stile and rail product is much more dense and stronger

fire rated doors capabilities chart - south - south shore millwork

if you can design a wood fire rated door south shore millwork can build it. stile and rail, flush, unfinished or finished, 20, 45, 60, 90 minute fire ratings, and species of wood, 3/4" thick 90 minute wooden tectonite core materials, flush bolts.

stile and rail doors - masonite architectural

our classic stile and rail architectural wood doors are our pride and joy. you get the same beauty and structural integrity in a 90-minute fire rated door as you do

graham-maiman series products - masonite architectural

thank you for choosing our beautiful flush, stile and rail, thermal fused doors, and wood frames.

45-min. full lite doors - vt industries

jul 20 2 warnock hersey only, requires 5" tectonite rails and stile blocking. vt industries inc. architectural wood doors. 800.827. 6 5.

karona architectural guide - karona door

karona manufactures with a variety of wood species including: red oak, poplar, white. maple doors. an interior french door consists of stiles, top and bottom rail and divided glass panels or lites; used as tectonite 90 minute fire door.