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a tension indi or spring may be used to indi e wire tension. high-tensile smooth wire fence has several other advan- tages over conventional fencing as it:.

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fiberglass is not recommended for non-electrified fences. clip wires loosely to allow lateral movement of wire. steel t-posts may be used for line posts. maximum

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each wire in a high-tensile wire fence is stretched with. 250 pounds of tension. the wires are held along posts or combinations of posts and spacers called battens,

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jan 2020 corner and end posts need to be sturdy enough to bear the pressure placed on them by the tension of the wires. typically the wire tension is

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high-tensile wire fence is an effective barrier for control- ling and protecting livestock. some advantages of this type of fence include ease of handling, minimal

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22 aug 20 vic and cindy madsen hosted a high-tensile fence building workshop with professional fence builder jason schmidt on saturday, july 9th.

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an electric fence, approximately six ft. in height, comprised of a pressure treated wooden post frame supporting eight strands of 2.5 gauge, smooth, high-tensile