how to give tile facelift to an ordinary concrete porch

how to build a screened-in porch

if you enjoy spending time outside but don't like to be bothered by hot summer sun or pests, you may enjoy a screened-in porch. building a porch of your own is an achievable weekend project for the ambitious diyer. read on to learn how to build a screened-in porch.

can you install tile over concrete?

learn if you can install tile over concrete whether it be directly onto the concrete or installing it onto a cement board or an uncoupling membrane. jodi jacobson / getty images floor coverings need a solid base for installation. but if the base is not solid, some compensation can be found with the

painting a concrete porch

sometimes all a drab concrete porch needs is a coat of paint to give it new life. the look and feel of a concrete porch can often be improved by simply applying a coat of paint. in order to properly paint a concrete porch or any other form of concrete, there are some important steps you must take. a

how to patch concrete porch steps how-tos diy

learn how to patch concrete porch steps from diy clean the crack with a stiff brush. mix the concrete vinyl patch product, which is made of vinyl resin, sand and cement. simply add water to it, and you're ready to go. use a wet trowel to apply the patch. keeping the trowel wet will prevent the patch

giving the kitchen a facelift today's homeowner

we give jamie and chelsea adams' kitchen a facelift by refacing the cabinets, updating the hardware, and building a custom pantry. video playback not supported newlyweds jamie and chelsea adams bought their first home about two years ago. the kitchen had plenty of space, and the flooring and counter

how to repair a concrete tile roof

a concrete tile roof is both aesthetically beautiful and highly practical. a concrete tile roof is both aesthetically beautiful and highly practical. it generally has a long shelf life, but it can crack due to extreme temperature conditions. in such a situation there is no other alternative than to

how to take care of your face after a facelift

if you're considering facelift surgery, learn what to expect after the procedure and how to properly care for your face. william truswell, md, is board-certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. he is president of the american board of facial plastic and reconstructiv

bathroom facelift how-tos diy

one weekend, a quick trip to the hardware store, and your bathroom can have a fresh new look. find out how with these instructions from interior wall paint, satin and flat finishes brushes paint rollers and covers paint tray poster board antiquing glaze plastic wrap newspapers cheese

give a weathered planter a fresh facelift how-tos diy

diy network shows you how to give a facelift to weather worn wooden planters. giving a little makeover to your wooden planters requires little more than elbow grease and a little finesse with a paintbrush. if the planters are in rough shape, give them a good brushing off to remove any debris. for th