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oct 30, 20 9 quests related to the board. comes now the power: if you kill reed tobson or convince him to step down, you will lose a little reputation with

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nov , 20 9 reputation and factions in the outer worlds explained, including how reputation the only way to gain positive reputation is to complete quests, a corporation once loyal to the board, monarch split off as a fairer force for

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nov 2, 20 9 main quests. side with the board. main quest continued: working for the board . balance due -. speak with udom and turn in phineas

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nov 0, 20 9 start working for the board by reporting phineas welles to udom bedford in ground breaker - you can start the board questline but you don& 39;t

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oct 30, 20 9 if you lose a lot of respect and tank your the outer worlds board reputation, they& 39;ll shoot you on sight and later missions can be very difficult.

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nov , 20 9 hmm, don& 39;t quite see how anti capitalism fits in here, in the outer worlds, the only form of government is corporate which means that all industries are state

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the path of halcyon. this storyline is closely related to the board. if you choose to pursue this path, you will have to turn against phineas. this storyline consists

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oct 29, 20 9 your space-faring hero in the outer worlds can change the course of the some factions are hard to miss, while others, like the evil board, are actually all quests on the groundbreaker except from competing factions

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by mcshambles, february 4 in the outer worlds: character builds you have a side quest in byzantium and the board hates you so all the

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nov 7, 20 9 ign& 39;s the outer worlds complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you 27,000 xp; 25 bit cartridges; the board reputation up.

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nov 6, 20 9 the outer worlds “the city in the stars” quest guide board id and dimethyl sulfoxide. by james billcliffe, wednesday, 6 november 20 9 7:55

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nov 5, 20 9 the chimerist& 39;s last experiment guide: outer worlds quest walkthrough that can affect your reputation with sublight salvage or the board.

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oct 24, 20 9 the outer worlds main quest choices and consequences guide. these first ones point of no return tatarus - the board ally. when you

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oct 24, 20 9 the board have taken phineas to the prison planet of tartarus, so that means it& 39;s time for the outer worlds final quest: brave new world.

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oct 26, 20 9 the following guide for the outer worlds will outline some general the objective is effectively the exact same as the board quest, you just

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oct 27, 20 9 outer worlds board id cartridge lo ion guide shows you where to find the udl identity cartridge during the city and the stars quest.

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dec 2 , 20 9 balance due is a main quest on groundbreaker in obsidian& 39;s the outer worlds. your task is to get an official board seal for udom in return for

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oct 29, 20 9 has anyone managed to start felix& 39;s quest after killing the cartographer for the board? he seems to hate me and will not give me and option to

& 39;the outer worlds& 39;: an anticapitalist game that& 39;s too much work

nov 6, 20 9 done right, by injecting surprise, deep character motivation, and a level of complexity that defies basic quest formulas, these quests can feel like

& 39;the outer worlds& 39; tells good stories but gives you dull adventures

oct 25, 20 9 the outer worlds begins poorly, and ends well. through repetition, and doing quests often involved one forgettable massacre after another. to a central board that governs affairs for the good of its corporate stakeholders.