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feb 25, 2020 in most decks, slippery bogle is backed up by a few other cheap hexproof creatures. bartholdi& 39;s favorite to use in modern is silhana ledgewalker,

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jul 24, 20 8 major archetypes. this week, i& 39;m looking at bogles, and you can find previous deck breakdowns here. 4 x slippery bogle. slippery bogle.

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updated jan 4, 20 3 by jaykgreene using our mtg deck builder. creature 2 . 4x gladecover scout; 4x silhana ledgewalker; 4x slippery bogle

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4 days ago creatures 3 . , dryad arbor, 5.2 . 4, gladecover scout, green, .00. 4, slippery bogle, gu, 4.96. 4, kor spiritdancer, white, 6. 6. spells 2 .

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results - 0 of 258 definitely wasn& 39;t expecting a reprint; uma reprinted nearly half of the modern bogles deck haha. might as well take advantage of the

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dec 5, 20 8 bogles, also known simply as hexproof, is a deck that revolves around small / green creatures with play forest, then cast slippery bogle.

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mar 0, 20 9 budget green white slippery bogle - pauper our mission at budget mtg decks is to provide full deck tech videos describing ready to play

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slippery bogle. slippery bogle. $ .79 · $ .03 · .06 tix. slippery bogle. in 883 decks % of 05765 decks first of the fallen. 49.03% of 308 decks 5 decks.

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slippery bogle g/u . creature — beast. hexproof this creature can& 39;t be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control. ogle the bogle, or goggle the

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jun 2 , 20 8 slippery bogle gladecover scout. this deck tech is going to be very simple. the first element is just eight copies of the same creature, which

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oct 6, 20 9 modern deck by bustedmagic. slippery bogle. gryff& 39;s boon. spirit mantle with aetherhub& 39;s mtg arena deck tracker mtga assistant.

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mar 27, 20 9 4 slippery bogle 0-4 kor spiritdancer 0-4 silhana ledgewalker. the one drop hexproof creatures are absolutely vital to the function of the deck

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aura hexproof decks. deck, player, event, level, rank, date. bogles lurrus · betterotter · modern 5-8, 28/05/20. bogle · betterotter · modern fr 3, 2, 25/05/20.

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jan 30, 2020 this deck, of course, was the infamous bogles. compared to the modern version since the format& 39;s lacking in the slippery bogle department,

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slippery bogle printings/rarity: cost: cmc: card type: creature — beast power/toughness: /

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oct 30, 20 4 this giant slayer focuses on a gw bogles deck piloted by jrickard who these are the hexproof creatures that we run - slippery bogle and

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trollandtoad has a large selection of magic singles. view slippery bogle and other eventide singles at

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feb 2, 20 8 well thankfully there& 39;s a new effigy on the block: slippery bogle. that& 39;s right, not only did bogles, a fairly fringe deck in modern, win the grand