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which type of flooring is best?

when you think about your impression of a home you've visited for the first time, what do you remember? the amount of light entering the rooms, the color of the furnishings and the size of the space tend to be the most memorable things, but you will have noticed the flooring even if you don’t rememb

check if number is prime number - stack overflow

floor math.sqrt number ; it is a prime. indeed, if n = a*b is composite with a and b ≠ then one of the factors a or b is necessarily at most square root of n.

understanding ceiling macro use cases - stack overflow

say you want to allo e memory in chunks think: cache lines, disk sectors ; how much memory will it take to hold an integral number of chunks

implementing the page segmented sieve of eratosthenes in

we make a "wheel" with two positions on it, one half that "hits" on the even index 0 represents 3 // no need to zero above composites array; zeroed on creation for var i i ; function doit const limit = math.floor parsefloat document.

how to create multiple variables from function output in one line in js

this is a bit shorter, not sure if it& 39;s what you are going for though // stub function const create composite = => math.floor math.random * 0

how do you composite an image onto another image with pil in

this can be accomplished with an image instance& 39;s paste method: from pil import image img = image.open & 39;/path/to/file& 39;, & 39;r& 39; img w, img h

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composites one is the exclusive and industry-leading essential composite materials and technical solutions suppliers for advanced composite manufacturing

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in-plane shear or interlaminar shear properties on the company& 39;s new united sfm smart floor model 00-kn test frame. with the addition of the advanced

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our chemlease brand of products is respected around the world for quality and reliability. we spend thousands of hours on the plant floors of composites

program to find prime numbers - stack overflow

you can do this faster using a nearly optimal trial division sieve in one long line like this: enumerable.range 0, math.floor 2.52*math.sqrt num /math.

why is my implementation of the sieve of atkin overlooking numbers

change lim to limit . of course you must have known that. since sieve = false *limit , the largest index allowed is limit- . however, on this line if n <= limit and

prevent force-dragging bodies through other bodies with matterjs

composites.stack 350, 470 - 6 * size, , 6, 0, 0, function x, y return matter.bodies.rectangle x world.add engine.world, stack ; //add a floor var floor = matter.

generate a list of primes up to a certain number - stack overflow

rep true, n primes <- false last.prime <- 2l for i in last.prime:floor sqrt n primes <- function n primesr <- function p, i = f <- p %% p i == 0 and p = p i if the op asked to generate all prime numbers below one billion. huge array of found primes; couldn& 39;t you return an iterator over the non-composites per

how to implement an efficient infinite generator of prime numbers in

“if i have seen further…” the erat2 function from the cookbook can be further sped up by about 20-25% :. erat2a. import itertools as it def erat2a : d = yield 2

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hexcel is a global leader in advanced composites technology, a leading producer of carbon fiber reinforcements and resin systems, and the world leader in

camx marks an attendance milestone with nearly 8000 attendees

inside this year& 39;s exhibit hall, the composites industry answered this one of the biggest attractions on this year& 39;s show floor was the ubox – an electric, urban

advanced composite material - an overview sciencedirect topics

advanced fiber-reinforced polymer frp composites for civil engineering appli ions typical construction of wall and ceiling panels has grp faces as little as used for structures such as the floor support structure shown in figure 7.7.

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polyaspartic floors. more info · fastfloor one day polyaspartic flooring system. rhino linings fastfloor is a rapid curing hybrid polyaspartic coating system for

how many factors in an integer - stack overflow

this one returns only the prime factors, not composites. if bt : factors.append math.floor bt num factors = num factors * 2 break print btt

project euler 5 in python - how can i optimize my solution? - stack

taking the advice of michael mior and poke, i wrote a solution. i tried to use a few tricks to make it fast. since we need a relatively short list of numbers tested,

prime sieve in haskell - stack overflow

since most numbers are composites with a small prime factor - half the do let m = n- `div` 2 r = floor . sqrt $ fromintegral n bits <- newarray 0, m- true

is a recursive-iterative method better than a purely iterative method

oct 28, 20 3 since your program tests just one number, you& 39;re wasting time trying to avoid testing by composites. you perform a lot of computations to save

how to find prime numbers between 0 - 00? - stack overflow

here& 39;s an example of a sieve implementation in javascript: function getprimes max var sieve = , i, j, primes = ; for i = 2; i <= max; i if sieve i // i has

finding prime numbers in an array from -200 - stack overflow

sqrt x ^2 = x r = math.floor math.sqrt n ; k = 0; while k < n k = nextset a,k ; // a test if we had them all if k r break; // unmark all composites for j = k * k;

print series of prime numbers in python - stack overflow

you need to check all numbers from 2 to n- to sqrt n actually, but ok, let it be n . if n is divisible by any of the numbers, it is not prime. if a number is prime, print

count of squarefree numbers in range - stack overflow

let f n = number of non-square-free numbers in n . k from 2 to floor sqrt y optionally including the composites; the asymptotic running