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the quarterdeck is a raised deck behind the main mast of a sailing ship. traditionally it was where the captain commanded his vessel and where the ship's colours were kept. this led to its use as the main ceremonial and reception area on board, and the word is still used to refer to such an area on a ship or even in naval establishments on land.

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a quarterdeck is the part of a ship intended for use by the commanding officer during ceremonies and official functions. when the ship is in port, it is considered the most important part of the entire vessel, as it serves as the central lo ion from which commands are issued. the captain commands

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quarterdeck definition is - the stern area of a ship's upper deck.

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quar·ter·deck kwôr′tər-dĕk′ n. the after part of the upper deck of a ship, usually reserved for officers. quarterdeck ˈkwɔːtəˌdɛk n nautical terms nautical the after part of the weather deck of a ship, traditionally the deck on a naval vessel for official or ceremonial use quar ter deck ˈkwɔr tərˌdɛk n. the part of the

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a deck is a permanent covering over a compartment or a hull of a ship.on a boat or ship, the primary or upper deck is the horizontal structure that forms the "roof" of the hull, strengthening it and serving as the primary working surface. vessels often have more than one level both within the hull and in the superstructure above the primary deck, similar to the floors of a multi-storey

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the quarter deck was the ship’s nerve centre. officers directed operations from here, whilst the ship was steered by the wheel under the overhang of the poop deck. on the morning of october 21 st 1805 nelson emerged on deck to view the enemy fleet, stretched out in front of victory in a line some 5 miles long.

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the half-deck, corps de garde, fr. is a space under the quarter-deck of a ship of war, that contained between the foremost bulk-head of the steerage, and the fore-part of the quarter-deck.

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the quarter-deck received its name in the days when decks were in tiers. the "half-deck" was half the length of the ship, and the "quarter-deck" was half the length of the half-deck. quartermaster : an enlisted assistance to the navigator. quarters 1 stations for shipboard evolutions, as general quarters, fire quarters, quarters for muster

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when an eror is made in the ship's deck log, what action is required by the watch stander? watch, quarter, and station bill. in the ship's deck log, which of the following individuals must be logged out and in on leave? the commanding officer.

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region. while aboard you will visit the mess deck, captains quarters, bridge, engine room, ward room, sick bay and so much more. aboard the ship is our "ship's store" which has a wide array of nautical, military, and dedi ed "mackinaw" items to choose

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the movement of a ship when the bow swings to port and starboard is known by what term? which of the following bills does the officer of the deck need to ensure is in place? iii. on the watch, quarter, and station bill, what condition represents normal wartime cruising? iv. on the watch, quarter, and station bill, which of the following

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quarter deck: the deck lo ed near to the chief mast of a vessel on its stern is referred to as the quarter deck. the quarter deck is a part of the upper deck and is inclusive of the poop deck. the quarter deck is generally found on navy ships and accessible only to the most senior naval officers on the vessel. when in port, all the activities

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in naval architecture, a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or "aft", part of the superstructure of a ship.. the name originates from the french word for stern, la poupe, from latin puppis.thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck, which in sailing ships was usually elevated as the roof of the stern or "after" cabin, also known as the "poop cabin".

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however, if the boat is moving backward, it is called astern. when facing the bow of the ship but standing in the stern, the left side is called the port quarter while the right side is considered the starboard quarter. superstructure: any type of structure that is above deck is considered the superstructure of a boat. it is important to note

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below the main deck, there are the first, second, third decks, etc. remember, on a carrier the hangar deck, the one below the flight deck, is the main deck. . frame numbers tell you where you are in relation to the bow of the ship; the numbers increase as you go aft.

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ravaged the waters of the caribbean upon the decks of the queen anne’s revenge , a fast and sleek slave ship commandeered for the purpose of the pirating trade, but quarter was given to those ships that surrendered and

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quarter the after end of the side of a vessel.the starboard quarter is the ‘back right-hand corner'. the quarters complement the bows, and like bows they indiâ­ e no precise point, but rather a region and a direction.thus a ship may be seen . quartermaster jump to: navigation, search wojciech kossak, quartering quartermaster about 1893. quarter the section of a boat behind the

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port and starboard are nautical terms for left and right. if you are standing at the rear of the boat looking forward, or to the bow, the entire right side of the boat is the starboard side and the entire left side is the port side. because port and starboard are not relative to the observer like "left" and "right" would be , there is never any confusion while on board about which direction

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as nouns the difference between quarterdeck and poopdeck is that quarterdeck is nautical the aft part of the upper deck of a ship; normally reserved for officers while poopdeck is .

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the quarterdeck is the main ceremonial and reception area on a ship, and as such it's constantly manned to ensure that regulations are followed and traditions kept.

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a poop deck is actually the roof of a poop cabin lo ed in the rear aft section of a sailing ship's main deck. the poop deck is the rearmost section of the ship and doubles as the roof for the poop cabin. the word poop for our purposes comes from the latin puppis, meaning "stern." shipbuilders often designed a cabin space in the very rear of

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quarterdeck definition: the after part of the weather deck of a ship , traditionally the deck on a naval vessel meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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what are the duties of a ship's quartermaster?. no matter whether a quartermaster is in the navy or the u.s. merchant marine, the primary duty remains the same: steer the ship according to the steering orders of the officer of the deck -- the officer in charge during the course of the watch, the seagoing

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aloft: above the deck, generally in the rigging. “harry went aloft to fix the vhf antenna.” abeam: alongside or at right angles to the centerline of a boat. “the marine police brought their patrol boat just abeam of us.” aft: toward the stern of the boat, or closer to the stern than another item being referenced. “the captain’s chair is just aft of the helm station.”

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the sides of a ship above the deck. cabin noun. a private room on a ship for a passenger or one of the people working on the ship. capstan quarterdeck noun. the back part of a ship’s upper deck, where the officers often live. rigging noun. the ropes and chains used for supporting a ship’s sails and masts. rowlock

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lots of different names for lots of different decks. most are just descriptive names for specific lo ions be it an actual “deck” or not. others have given you a varied sampling of the different terms. my answer will focus strictly on us navy ter

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gas platform decommissioning strip down a fixed platform is a type of offshore platform used for the production of oil or gas. these platforms are built on concrete and/or steel legs anchored directly onto the seabed, supporting a deck with space for drilling rigs, production facilities and crew quarters. such platforms are, by virtue of their immobility,

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the more cargo the ship is carrying, the greater will be the draught. e.g. a ship with little cargo may have a draugth of 6 metres, but the same ship with a full cargo may have a draught of 12 metres. g afterdeck the deck aft on the stern side of the accommodation. h foredeck the deck of a ship from the accommodation to the forecastle.

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dictionary entry overview: what does quarterdeck mean? quarterdeck noun the noun quarterdeck has 1 sense:. 1. the stern area of a ship's upper deck familiarity information: quarterdeck used as a noun is very rare.

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a navy ships quarterdeck is considered a ceremonial area and should be treated as such. no skylarking or loitering is allowed. the officer of the deck has complete responsibility and authority on

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among the necessary personnel, according to carnival’s burke: a deck crew to drive the ship, an engineering crew to run the electrical power and propulsion, a medical team to tend to staff needs

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december 5th 2009 royal caribbean’s the oasis of the seas, a 16-deck, 220,000-ton mega cruise ship which can accommodate 5,400-passengers in 2,700 state-rooms, made it’s inaugural voyage in the caribbean. carnival cruise lines is by far the biggest cruise ship company and

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the quarter deck is the rear deck of the ship. like the fore deck, it needs to be planked with individual deck planks. similar to the fore deck, it needs to follow a planking pattern, and it requires nibbed planks. however, the quarter deck adds tapering. the planks on the quarter deck are tapered in towards the stern.

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boat deck: especially on ships with sponsons, the deck area where lifeboats or the ship's gig are stored. boiler deck : river steamers the passenger deck above the vessel's boilers . bridge deck : a the deck area including the helm and navigation station, and where the officer of the deck/watch will be found.

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the quarterdeck has always been honored as part of the ship on which official ceremonies are conducted. it still retains its sanctity. because of that sanctity, you cannot just walk on and off a ship as you would enter and leave your home; you must follow certain procedures.

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the quarter-deck can range a bit different on a ship.usually it is lo ed in the 2nd level usually accesible by stairs. sample layout of a ship

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deck - there is approximately 3,500 sq ft of open deck space. this includes a clear lay-down area of 11 ft x 60 ft on the starboard side. the open starboard rail extends for 104 ft. space between the rail and the permanent crane on the starboard quarter is narrow but usable, see deck plan.

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define weather deck. weather deck synonyms, weather deck pronunciation, weather deck translation, english dictionary definition of weather deck. n. a ship's deck that is open to the sky and exposed to the weather.


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most commonly he awarded anything from 12 to 36 lashes for offences like drunkenness, insolence or neglect of duty. this excruciatingly painful punishment was carried out by the boatswain’s mates, offenders being brought to the quarter deck in front of the ship’s company, stripped to the waist and tied to a wooden grating.


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built rms titanic, the world’s most famous ship, in belfast's historic shipyard. read more visitor information titanic belfast is situated within the heart of titanic quarter, just a short walk from belfast's city centre. car

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in the past, the quarterdeck of a standard sailing ship is lo ed behind the ship's main mast. the quarterdeck is used as a ceremonial area of the ship. nowadays this deck is used as a stern and

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general quarters or battle stations is an announcement made aboard a naval warship to signal the crew to prepare for battle or imminent damage.. when the call to general quarters gq is announced, the crew prepares the ship to join battle. off-duty or sleeping crewmembers report to their stations and prepare for action, watertight doors and fireproof doors between bulkheads are shut and

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a cutaway illustration of a brigantine. the stern, or rear, of the ship, had four decks and housed the captain’s quarters and some of the stores. at the bow, the front of the ship, was the fo’c’sle short for forecastle , or front deck.

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per hour.the flat 18' wide beam cockpit deck that straddles the hulls allows a quick tacks and unencumbered movements by the crew. if speed is what your preference than this boat you will prefer. sailing adventure business:if you are looking to start a business of increasing your fleet this is the boat to

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quarter deck at the stern of the ship, the quarter deck was also normally reserved for the officers. the captain slept in a cabin at the stern of ths deck so he could be on hand quickly in an emergency. the quarter deck was armed with 12 cannons. they were called 12 pounders because they each fired an orange sized cannonball weighing

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enlarge aircraft carrier uss saratoga cv-60 view in national archives catalog please note: on august 22, 2019, the va began scanning more than 20 million images from the u.s. navy and coast guard deck logs so that they can be made available online. while the scanning project is underway, u.s. navy and coast guard deck logs from 1956 to 1978 will be closed to researchers.

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quarterdeck meaning: the highest part of the deck at the back of a ship: . learn more.

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half deck definition is - an incomplete deck; specifically : a portion of the deck of a sailing ship next below the spar deck between mainmast and cabin.

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a raised quarter-deck is regarded as a superstructure. raised quarter-decks are often associated with smaller ships. with the machinery space sited aft and being proportionally larger in smaller ships there is a tendency for the ship to be trimmed by the head when fully loaded.

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