replace rotted fence post in concrete

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the fence that was attached to it. the fence stretched down from the top of the bluff with one post dangling in mid air. from the dangling post, a single strand of wire stretched to the tree in the water. this single strand of wire was some four feet above the sloping side of the bluff. i would later have cause to remember this piece of fence wire as would uncle ras. after getting uncle

michael b. jackson

get our bicycles that were chained to a post in there. we saw the yeller in back of b. jackson , novel older posts home subscribe to: posts atom black man in prison: stop doing crime fatherhoodlum: chronicles of a


might help. there had been a noticeable gap in a toppling stone fence. a closed gate that hung off hinges. he’ lost the fight against his breakfast by the fence and sat down in the grass, leaning against the cool stone. he