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made from polycarbonate, which contains bpa. the brita containers, while plastic, are at least bpa-free. reply - share hide replies ∧ s.assilem 5 years 11 months ago as to plants, most small garden centers will take back the black plastic grow-pots and either reuse them themselves, return them to

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planter allows you to choose from 20 different pots; your choice of perfection. made from heavy duty plastic, this stackable planter is weather proof, uv protected with no fading, and allows you to

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system and only use rain barrels for your garden. add first flush, coarse debris removal, uv sterilization and reverse osmosis to rain barrel collected out of 3 “food grade” 55 gallon containers that are connected together using 3” pvc fittings. each unit has a threaded spigot to run standard garden hose to areas of the yard in need

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someone whose sick, tenderly tending herbs in your garden or in pots on your sill, wildcrafting in woody city lots

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can add some small stones to the flower pots. sounds, smells, and sights if you are thinking of a garden, there are chances that beautiful sights are not

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subjected continually to ultra violet light-weight. these uv rays break down the floor with the roofing diapers go. various other fundamentals such as infant containers, infant food, as well as infant formula will

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