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giving louis his first transatlantic crossing. he became a member of the first 9 man navy crew for the single four inch, 50 mm gun mounted on the poop deck, at the highest and most aft position on the stern of the ship, and two anti-aircraft machine guns mounted on by sending messages between the bridge and the poop deck back aft. although still researching information on the west lashaway and her crew, robert is not intending to write anymore books. he only has a passion for discovering more about anything to do with the ship. robert only knows of 5 survivors still living of the original 18 - amazing facts

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show subtopics for ship registration searching the register of ships search for a ship name part a show subtopics for ship registration part a change of address change ship name or port of registry part b show subtopics for ship registration part b register a ship renew a current registration re-register an

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a a- humor aback abaft abaft the beam abandon humor abandon / abandonment abandon ship abandon vessel abeam able bodied seaman aboard or onboard above deck aboveboard abreast abs abyc accident accommodation ladder act of god actual cash value admeasurement admiral admiralty court admiralty law adrift adventure aerosil-cabosil afloat aft after

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unpublished portion of that opinion. citation to this part of the opinion was improper. gr 14.1. moreover, the attorney fee section of that opinion does not address any distinction between statutory costs and other expenses. our primary goal in interpreting a contract is to ascertain the parties’ intent. paradise orchards gen. p’ship v. fearing , 122 wn. app. 507, 516, 94


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