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maine-built sabre 38 centerboard model. with her board-up draft of just over 4 feet she can cruise the shallow waters of the keys and bahamas. with her mast height of 57 feet she can also clear most icw fixed bridges. all sail control lines are led to the cockpit for easy and safe handling by

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verses about $2 in local rough-cut pine boards for each of the original 21 jump onto the plants. the raised beds all supposed to be filled soil, but

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checker can read the labels, doesn’t add weight and cost . i don’t like the mercury in cfl bulbs, and the quality of the light is gross. i favor natural light from windows, going to bed early, and halogen or incandescent lighting when needed.

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right now to create my own pieces similar to how indians made pottery pieces in past centuries. raku. local clays. my backyard firings. happiness. raised bed gardening: i built raised beds and steps this

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strht from their lumber yard. browse through cedar, decking, treated pine, cypress, fencing, and link edge among others. what makes good lumber? it is too easy just to order a few boards without thinking beyond size specifics and wood species.

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waddle to any of the multiple restaurant on board, or, you can have room service allowing you to have breakfast in bed every day of the week. added to that