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wood-plastic composites wpcs , also known under the tradename plastic-wood of covema or seven trust decking in the united kingdom, are composite

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synonyms for pressure-treated lumber in free thesaurus. composite decking made with recycled plastic and wood fibers can last for decades without needing the yearly treatment the a-frame and railing are all pressure-treated lumber.

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build your dream deck with our, the world& 39;s best high-performance composite decking brand. complete your yard with our framing, railing, and lighting.

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in consequence of this composite formation, amethyst is apt to break with a rippled fracture, or to show "thumb markings," and the intersection of two sets of

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composition of wood–plastic composite deck boards: thermoplastics 50 wpc: pricing restrictions in wpc decking and railing, plastic is filled with and, by definition, represent plastic filled with cellulose fiber and other ingredients. it shows a higher shrinkage, due to formation of crystalline, packed areas

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a durable and long-lasting blend of recycled wood fibers and plastic. custom composite decking boards. choose from a how to replace a deck stair railing.

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find 7946 synonyms for block and other similar words that you can use instead based on 46 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

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find 9088 synonyms for standard and other similar words that you can use instead based on 35 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

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5 jan 2020 with capped polymer boards, there& 39;s no need to stain or seal the wood thanks to a proprietary polymer-blend cap that protects a cellular pvc core

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7 sep 20 7 barfog, a. bearded: the fin fish; the lesser wood-chat, a bird cledriad, n. a railing, a pailing crëadol, a. creating, plastic cyfansawdd, a composite delwad, n. a formation, a forming, n. a statue huliad, n. a decking.

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26 dec 20 3 vinyl siding uses un-plasticized pvc upvc and is popular not for its aesthetics composites are typically made from wood or paper and a

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in stone but inked on wood pulp. our attitudes toward backset for predi e, likenwaning word for synonym, forcsay for premise. as composites of unaltered monosyllables, commentats;rs found saxon we even extend the word-formation pattern to numbers: numeracy and a california prayer book is a deck of cards.

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among various equivalents for a given term, synonyms are separated by commas, abstellgleis n classifi ion track, siding rr . aufstellung/ formation of troops ; initial organization of a unit ; establishment of an decklandeflugzeug n deck-landing airplane. doppelbetriebsschaltung / composite connection tp .

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6 dec 20 7 iron/wood rail was later replaced by all metal rails, which made by definition a private railway siding is track or set of tracks which do the only problem is that formation of a train e = with decks for the transport of motor cars double made of wood, concrete or steel, or even plastic composite, which

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20 mar 20 4 the fungus especially if the wood is moist or in a humid environment unusual fungal staining on cedar siding shown in stud pattern . kiln burn is also used as a synonym for brown coffee there is less evidence of a role for enzymes in its formation plastic or plastic has no effect on this process.

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antonyms are words that are opposed to another word in meaning. adorn , v. decorate, beautify, embellish, deck, ornament, grace, garnish, bone formation . ostosis, ossifi ion, ectostosis, osteogeny. carving , n. sculpture in wood or ivory ; anaglyptics, anaglyphy. clapboards , n. pl. siding, weatherboarding.

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a water-based plastic polymer that acts as the binder in acrylic paints. a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal used for vertical and horizontal siding. a composite window made of wood and encased by vinyl; requires little maintenance the formation of resinous or polymeric material when water evaporates from an

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batten: pressure treated wood ¾” thick, 2” wide, 4& 39; long. cant strip: a beveled support used at the intersection of the roof deck with vertical modified bitumen: composite sheets consisting of polymer modified bitumen often soffit: a board or sheet that extends from the fascia to the buildings siding and hides the bottom

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kikino common noun , or i& 39;oa proper noun , and following the definition of the word in particles through the formation of cloud tracks. ahu-papa kik composite, as volcanic cone. plastic bags. lit., tying hā搖ā kik wood shavings. dic. h lili kik railing support, balluster. man. pa& 39;a like·like kik suit, as in a deck of.

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2.4.2depositor-supplied synonyms in composite woods like plywood and in plastics like polyvinyl chloride siding. decking and insulation pesticide is a honeybee killer 20 6 ; available from, as of avoid formation of dust and aerosols.

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oct 20 0 not meet the definition of “private track or siding” in § 7 .8, even if those cars iii formation of unstable or corrosive materials. deck. e specific provisions for describing an empty packaging on a shipping paper plastic, composite, or wooden pallet by metal, fabric, or plastic straps, to form a single.

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from the century dictionary. noun the formation, construction, or composition of words. etymologies. sorry, no etymologies found. support. help support

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dic. dictionary definition ahu·papa kik composite, as volcanic cone. uea nā·kiʻi kik twist tie, as used with plastic bags. haʻa·kupu ʻaila·kele kik/ʻaʻ adipogenesis, i.e. the formation of fat or fatty tissue in kaʻa·kepa heh to warp, as in nin-tendo games not as wood . they are good at siding out. lit, work deck.

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2 oct 2006 wildland fire terminology for the purpose of maintaining definition char patterns formed on paint or burned wood remains, usually in the and many plastics requiring the heat absorbing cooling effects of fire crew work formation. adjacent to the structure, roof environment, decking and siding

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timms point silt and from tlie "san pedro formation" pedro at his lumber yard locality locality 3 of present report. locality 42h, composite; locality 42i, 3 the palos verdes along the siding of the western oil from the san pedro sand, is considered a synonym of the deck is as thick as on pleistocene specimens.

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6 aug 20 8 long, thin, strips of wood, steel, or plastic, usually of uniform rectangular section used in the drafting room and mold loft to lay down the lines of

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antiviral antivivisectionist antiwar antler antlered antonym antonymous antsy clack clad cladding claim claimable claimant claimer clairvoyance clairvoyant composite compositely composition compositor compost composure compote decision decisive decisively decisiveness deck deckhand declaim declaimer