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jun 29, 20 9 deck information. deck type: meta decks. deck master: barrier statue of the stormwinds. tcg/ocg: tcg. submission date: june 29th 20 9.

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oct 6, 20 9 deck type: meta decks. deck master: fossil dyna pachycephalo. tcg/ocg: tcg. submission date: october 6th 20 9. author: sharpshot.

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jun 22, 20 9 the new competitive yugioh anti-meta deck profile 20 9 lockdown stun teamsamuraix .

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mar 29, 20 9 my barrier statue list is similar to this. veiler and desires over impermanence and indulgence because budget and my ratios on the protection

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barrier statue stun. built by: shayne barbosa played in: deck value. loading data. buy this deck on · download deck for ygopro · import decklist into yugioh deck builder copyright 20 4 - 20 9 studio bebop · decklists · top decks

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but keep in mind i want this to be the most competitive version possible of barrier statue stun, and that i have been playing the deck for years at regional level

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0 votes, 36 comments. im looking to return to the game after not having played in a while, i think the last format i played was just after they …

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by akira · published 0 december 20 9 · updated 7 december 20 9 but trust me im play barrier stun/boarder stun/meta beat as well, its my favorite deck of

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stun decks are a type of anti-meta deck that aim to set up a hostile environment that punishes

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may 2, 2020 it will cost 4 mana to use and has 4 health, 4 attack and will when you stun or recall an enemy, i deal 2 to it. other unit type cards similar to

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january 20 9. u.s. consumer window or door security barriers. baby gyms, activity decks. use: porches, balconies, open side floors or floor openings.

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sep 8, 20 9 september 8, 20 9 4:02 since barrier blocks damage, units with lifesteal will not heal their controller& 39;s nexus when when a card goes deep, they gain 3/ 3 when your deck has 5 cards or less remaining stun. stunned units are removed from combat, and they can& 39;t attack or block this round.

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this still follows the same style of gameplay with a new "low barrier of entry" for make solo and team attacks against your foes in order to stun and ko them.

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updated: 4 jan 2020 4:29 am. posted: 7 oct 20 9 2:00 am decks can be built using cards from two regions. that means you can have three copies of a champion in your deck barrier – negates the next damage the unit would take. lasts one stun – prevents the unit from attacking or blocking for the round.

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nov 3, 20 9 nov 3, 20 9 a simple barrier card in legends of runeterra is brightsteel protector, a card from demacia. stand united can also be added to your deck by including multiple shens—it& 39;s the ninja& 39;s champion spell.

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updated on october 5, 20 9 arguably the pinnacle of the trap-to-monster cards, abyss stungray becomes a level 5 thunder-typed monster when activated. this can really save your bacon and buy extra turns to set up barriers. almost the same effect—except the monsters are shuffled into the deck, not destroyed.

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feb 8, 2020 returns the currently dn arcanum back to your deck. nocturnal sect effect: erects a magicked barrier which nullifies damage equaling

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apr 30, 2020 as such, in lor the region has many different types of decks you can focus on. the second time you cast a spell that round, he& 39;ll gain barrier. stun is another flexible mechanic at ionia& 39;s disposal that can be used in a