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should i use double or float? - stack overflow

if you want to know the true answer, you should read what every computer scientist should know about floating-point arithmetic. in short

double vs. bigdecimal? - stack overflow

a bigdecimal is an exact way of representing numbers. a double has a certain precision. working with doubles of various magnitudes say

room persistence: error:entities and pojos must have a usable

had a similar issue before. first i& 39;ve updated/added apply plugin: & 39;kotlin-kapt& 39; to gradle. next, i& 39;ve used it instead of annotationprocessor in gradle:.

why use double indirection? or why use pointers to pointers

if you want to have a list of characters a word , you can use char *word. if you want a list of words a sentence , you can use char **sentence. if you want a list of

what& 39;s the difference between a single precision and double

note: the nintendo 64 does have a 64-bit processor, however: many games took advantage of the chip& 39;s 32-bit processing mode as the greater data precision

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delight in elegant style and comfort in the luxuriously appointed swiss advantage room, featuring a choice of king, queen or twin beds. enjoy

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the luxurious bathrooms are done up in gray marble and feature double vanities, large walk-in showers with rainfall showerheads, and separate bathtubs.

improve insert-per-second performance of sqlite - stack overflow

several tips: put inserts/updates in a transaction. for older versions of sqlite - consider a less paranoid journal mode pragma journal mode . there is

is there any benefit to encrypting twice using pgp? - stack overflow

i understand that it is more secure provided you use different keys. but don& 39;t take my word for it. i& 39;m not a crypto-analyst. i don& 39;t even play one

what is the most effective way for float and double comparison

be extremely careful using any of the other suggestions. it all depends on context. i have spent a long time tracing a bugs in a system that presumed a==b if

why do we use autoboxing and unboxing in java? - stack overflow

but java offers types like integer , float and double which wrap these answer: for now an arraylist only works for object, reserving room for

what is the advantage to upgrade a website from 32-bit to 64-bit on

does 64-bit process consume more ram that32-bit one? it will use more virtual memory but it won& 39;t be double that of a 32 bit process which

what& 39;s in a dorm room? - housing university of san francisco

double and single rooms will be the only room types offered during this year. please refer to your specific residence hall& 39;s page for more building specific

negative room pressure - wikipedia

negative room pressure is an isolation technique used in hospitals and medical centers to the advantages of this test are that it is cost efficient and easily performed by hospital staff. the disadvantages are that it is not a continuous test and

office of residence life student housing grand canyon university

halls, room and board costs and more by exploring our student housing page. a floorplan of either double or triple occupancy two students per room and is

home advantage 4x6 recipe cards double sided, 50 -

not with these. i have had room for my own comments, notes for next time i use the recipe.

when is a reference variable appropriate and why? can you explain

oct 27, 20 7 double price room room, std vector<std string> and quotes there is another, more general advantage of references that pointers do not

is there a branchless method to quickly find the min/max of two

mar , 20 9 yes, there is a way to calculate the maximum or minimum of two double s without any branches. the c code to do so looks like this: include

advantages of a 64 bit system - stack overflow

when you have 64-bits of address space to play with, you can adopt certain designs that would be very hard with less of an address space.

why does a cast from int to float round the value? - stack overflow

i& 39;m assuming that by float you mean a 32-bit ieee-754 binary floating point value, by double you mean a 64-bit ieee-754 binary floating point

what does"one-past-the-last-element" mean in vectors? - stack

i also know std vector<double> a 3,5 ; means `make room for 3 and initialize them with 5. how does the above code work? the second point is i

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heart-pounding excitement with hospitality and service that& 39;s second to none. when you arrive at flamingo, take advantage of our hotel self check-in kiosks. the newly renovated flamingo room king mixes modern décor with pops

pros, cons, and costs of installing double-paned windows

does anyone know whr to find the cheapest place to fix a double pane window? brad, december 3: i really question whether dual pane offers much advantage.

second hotel planned on advantage way in north natomas

nov 3, 20 9 sacramento& 39;s natomas area is getting a ninth new hotel, directly north of one about to start construction.

lower east side hotels official website hotel indigo les

hotel indigo lower east side offers sharply designed hotel rooms with skyline views surrounded by artistic inspo, an eclectic culture, and a touch of nightlife

what is lost in going from avx5 2 on intel xeon phi to avx2 on intel

8 double elements per avx5 2 simd instruction on knight& 39;s landing, throughput so there& 39;s room to run some non-fma instructions without

segmentation fault when trying to use intrinsics specifically

you dynamically allo e double *cij2 = double * malloc 4*sizeof double ; but you never free it. this is just silly. use double cij2 4 , especially

double pointer vs array of pointers **array vs *array - stack overflow

if the code you reference in your question was given to you by your professor as an example of the use of pointer arrays of pointers to pointers, i& 39;m not sure how

mongoose subdocuments vs nested schema - stack overflow

according to the docs, it& 39;s exactly the same. however, using a schema would add an id field as well as long as you don& 39;t have that disabled ,

how can i plot with 2 different y-axes? - stack overflow

set.seed 0 x <- : 0 y <- rnorm 0 second data set on a very different scale z out line=4 to make room for labels mtext "cell density",side=4,col="red",line=4 axis 4, the advantage of this is that you& 39;re not limited to two trakcs.

concepts and types of ventilation - natural ventilation for infection

ventilation moves outdoor air into a building or a room, and distributes the air if well designed, installed and maintained, there are a number of advantages to a and doors provided a median ventilation of 28 ach — more than double the

advantage plus pass-thru automated endoscope

the advantage plus pass-thru aer improves adherence to established industry guidelines for disinfection and has been clinically proven to high-level

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aug 20, 20 9 as part of its rapid growth in the medicare advantage market, alignment an alignment member visited a bay area emergency room er ,